What is Mile 12 Concept?

Have you ever wanted to achieve something that was so big you believe it was impossible to accomplish? Better yet, have you ever set a goal so high other people believed you were absolutely insane, including yourself? A goal so crazy that you did not even attempt it because you believed the doubters were correct when their voices echo “YOU CANNOT DO IT!” as you lay sleepless in bed staring at the ceiling fan blades spin on an endless cycle. You believed the doubters, calling you crazy so you fall in line behind the rest of the followers. But what if you could accomplish a goal that is so crazy that when you accomplish it you even surprise yourself? I’m here to tell you that you can.

Mile 12 Concept is not a person, group, organization or place.  Mile 12 Concept is exactly what it is.  It is a concept, an idea, that Motivates people to live an Intentional Lifestyle while encouraging them to accomplish things much bigger than themselves. The idea of Mile 12 Concept was created from the internal battle I faced when participating in World’s Toughest Mudder.


World’s Toughest Mudder is a 5-mile obstacle course race that is ran multiple times over a 24-hour period.  This race tests the very core of each participant’s physical and mental capacities.  Half way through the race, I began to walk up a steep mountain in the dark, I was soaking wet and cold to the bone. I was completely alone and the only thing I could see came from the head lamp that was given to me by another racer after I lost mine.  It was during this moment, I asked myself. “What the hell am I doing?” my internal battle had begun.  “Why would I put myself through this form of physical self-inflicted suffering just to find my physical capacity?”  It was during this time the words of the doubters and critics I have encounter throughout my life began to replay over and over again in my head.

 “You’re too small to play football’ “Your SAT and ACT isn’t high enough for college”, “You will never play college football and make the bus”, “You will never play or work in professional sports”, “You’ll never graduate on time.” “I regret to inform you your GRE score is not high enough for this physical therapy program,” “You don’t belong in this physical therapy program, your grades are too low.” “You’re crazy for signing up for Worlds’ Toughest mudder, you won’t finish”

As I battled through the course, I reflected on these statements.  I realized that I had achieved everything people said I was not able to do.  I did go to college and I did play college football. I have worked with professional athletes. I did go to physical therapy schools and became a license physical therapist. I believed I would finish the race. At the 12-hour mark of my race, I started to believe that after all I had been through in my life, I can motivate others by living an Intentional Lifestyle that encourages people to achieve greatness in their life.  I continued to believe that if I can motivate just one person through my actions and words that they are capable of achieving something bigger than themselves then my mission is accomplished.  If I could do this, it will make the 24 hours of a self-inflicted beating to find my physical and mental capacity worth it. I found my vision.

My vision and the Concept behind Mile 12 is to Motivate others by living an Intentional Lifestyle while Encouraging them to find their mental and physical capacity, exceed their limitations and achieve goals they never thought they could possibly accomplish.  Whether its pushing your physical and mental limits by climbing a mountain or finishing an obstacle course race, Mile 12 Concept wants to provide the encouragement and motivation that will change your life and help you accomplish things you believed were impossible.

This website serves as a place for people to share experiences, provide wellness and nutritional tips through online training and informative posts.  You will also find yearly/quarterly updates on event weekends that provide leadership/motivational information through an active experience.  I hope you enjoy Mile 12 Concept and the positive lifestyle and information it provides to help guide others through to achieve the unthinkable.


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