Wednesday, April 12, 2017



“Nobody is better than your best and your best will make you better.”  These are the words of Sean Corvelle, motivational speaker of Tough Mudder, which roared through the crowd as runners wait to start the event. 

The first time I heard these words was in March 2015.  As I kneeled listening with two of my closest friends, I did not realize the positive impact of this day. 

2 years prior to this race, one of my closest friends, Devon, contacted me regarding his weight gain.  At this point in his life he weighed in at 350lbs.  As he spoke, I heard grief and sadness pour through the phone.  Trying to hold back his tears, he discussed with me his discouragement and frustration of his life. 

 When he was finished, I gave him an ultimatum.  “You can either continue down this easy unhealthy path of being unhappy with your weight or begin a difficult positive body transformation. Until you become obsessed mentally about your goals, you will never achieve them. Extreme weight loss is an obsessive life change with a totally different mindset.  You have to be mentally tough to achieve it. Are you willing to do this?” He answered, “I will do anything.” I responded, “Well it’s time to take action and when you become 225lbs, we will do anything you want. We can take a fishing trip or hang out for the weekend. You pick.” 

Over the next 18 months, I saw a complete transformation.  It was the middle of December 2014 when I received his phone call.  “Hey Brian,” Devon said, “you’re not going to believe this… Are you sitting down?” I responded, “What’s up man? Are you good?” With a victorious tone and a sense of pride, he responds, “I’m 225lbs.  I have thought about this long and hard I want to do a Tough Mudder.”

In life, you are going to be presented with a 225lbs challenge. These challenges will be physically and mentally exhausting. These are the daunting situations that make you take a step back and take a real hard look of who you are at this given moment and what kind of person you want to be tomorrow.  Do I want to continue to go down a goalless path of monotony? Or, do I want to change into the positive intentional person I want to be. Devon, decided he wanted to give his best. For 2 years, he fought through the distractions and lost 125lbs.  He gave his goal the best effort and his best made him better. 

Ask yourself, what is my best? Better yet, what is my 225lbs goal?  When you discover your 225lbs goal, become obsessive in achieving it. When you become obsessive, you give it your best. Nobody is better than your best and when you give it your best, your best will only make you better.


  1. Extremely motivating! Can't wait to do my first tough mudder!!

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